Lockdown Resources


A selection of activities that you

can try at home

We provide a number of FREE activities and resources that are available through the post. Have a look at the selection below and give us a call on Tel: 0161 710 1075 to order yours today:

 We have created a number of lockdown video resources so that you can try some different activities during lockdown.

These are just a flavour of some of the types of activity that we usually run at the Centre.

Want to try something else?

Outdoor Activities

A timetable of Free Outdoor Activity including Woodland Wellbeing Sessions, garden volunteering and, Mental health and Horticulture sessions.

Online Counselling

Free online 121 counselling

Free E-Cigarette to Help Quit Smoking

Free 1-2-1 support and an E-Cigarette to help you reduce and quit smoking.

1-2-1 Exercise & Weight Loss Support

Free 1-2-1 support either online or in person with our coach to help you achieve your goals.